Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings and special events take place at Brecknock Hall each day?

Brecknock Hall typically hosts only one wedding or event per weekend. Clients have exclusive use of the building during their event. 

What does it cost to have a wedding or other event at Brecknock?

Every wedding and event at Brecknock Hall is different and we can accommodated a wide range of budgets. Wedding site fee ranges from $5,500-$11,000, dependent on time of year and guest count. Non-wedding related special events are quoted on an individual basis. 

What is included in the Site Fee cost? 

 Our site Fee includes exclusive use of our venue, twenty-two 60" rounds tables, 200 white Chiavari chairs, 15 cocktail tables, security, housekeeping, and day long use of Bridal & Grooms suites.

Brecknock Hall is a not-for-profit organization. Does this mean the rental fee is tax deductible?
The rental fee is not tax deductible. 

Do you provide catering and tenting?
Brecknock Hall does not provide catering or tenting. Clients may select from our list of approved, licensed & insured caterers and tent companies. 

Do I have to use specific vendors?
With the exception of caterers and tent companies, clients are permitted to hire their own vendors, provided that they are properly licensed and insured. We also provide a recommended list of vendors.

How many people can Brecknock accommodate?
Brecknock can comfortably accommodate up to 90 guests for an all-indoor event with a seated dinner. For less formal cocktail parties, about 125 guests can be accommodated indoors. For larger groups of up to 200, cocktail hour is held indoors with a tented reception on our back patio. We have an approved list of tent companies, or you may choose your own. 

Do you host weddings and events year round?
Yes, Brecknock is available for rental January through December. 

Please note that Brecknock Hall proudly celebrates the unions of all loving couples regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity.

© Caroline Rocchetta Photography

© Caroline Rocchetta Photography